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June 11 - 2016

Honesty, reliability and performance are essential qualities necessary when acquiring certain services in regard to finance and other confidential matters. All these qualities and more can be found within this company. In regard to translation services it has been a personal pleasure to work with such a courteous and friendly team.

Elisa Haynes
June 10 - 2016

I would highly recommend this company. Serafina and her team are outstanding in their dedication and careful attention to whatever task it at hand. Their work ethics are unquestionable. You will not be disappointed.

Kristi Gretchen
June 09 - 2016

I found Serafina to be very professional, and extremely detail oriented with every aspect of her work. She is very proficient with QuickBooks, and in speaking with her I learned that she has over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping, so she was able to answer any questions I had. I felt very confident in her ability to care for our needs, and we were not disappointed. I highly recommend Bookkeeping Pro Services.

Jesse Carbone
May 31 - 2016

I was really impressed with Serafina’s work. She’s excellent with the details! I’ve had her work on multiple projects for my clients and I haven’t been disappointed. She was great at getting to every detail just as my clients wanted, and as soon as possible. They were very pleased, which meant I was also extremely pleased with the job that Serafina did, and I plan to continue having her handle other projects in the future. Highly recommended!

N Egloff
May 30 - 2016

An exceptionally honest, hard working and reliable team of professionals. I never hesitate to recommend their services to my colleagues with accounting and bookkeeping needs.

May 29 - 2016

It's been a real pleasure to have Serafina Palazzolo's help with my Italian-English translation work. In my volunteer work I am at times called on to speak to a small group of Italians speakers. Serafina's translation talents has been a lifesaver for me. I would highly recommend Pro Bookkeeping for your translation needs too! They are great to work with and have very reasonable prices.

May 28 - 2016

Ciao a tutti! I would highly recommend Pro Bookkeeping's Translation Services for all your Italian-English translation needs. Both Raffaele and Serafina's background and working knowledge of the languages are just what my husband and I needed. They were so helpful and kind...they not only translated the scripts but also helped us in our pronunciation! What a find in our diverse Palm Coast area. Please contact them for your translation needs.

Coastal Clear
May 23 - 2016

I found Serafina to be exceptional with details but also very accommodating to our book keeping needs. Her friendliness is such a plus in the work place. We are so glad she is working with our company regularly! Her standards are high in both the way she presents herself and her discretion with our accounts. Thanks again! I recommend this company highly!
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Blue Group Graphics
May 17 - 2016

Thank you for your accurate accounting and bookkeeping services, your team is always reliable and affordable. I surely will recommend you to my friends.

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