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August 13 - 2017

Responsive, accessible, very professional.

I am happy that I have found Serafina. I liked my last bookkeeper but the difference is like night and day. Serafina is much more thorough and detail oriented. she and her husband are both wonderful professionals. I expect that this relationship will make my life so much easier come tax time. Thank you! Serafina!!!!

July 05 - 2017

Serafina is very hard working and reliable. Her customer service is always top notch and handles business dealings with honesty and integrity.

Karen Eisenhart
March 28 - 2017

Our experience with Serafina, and her associates has been tremendously positive. Her integrity, work quality, and professionalism has allowed our Company to operate with an ease we couldn't have accomplished on our own. She has provided many recommendations and suggestions that have benefited our Company. We feel very confident recommending Bookkeeping Pro Services to anyone who has an accounting need.

December 29 - 2016

Very professional and knowledgeable. By far, the best bookkeeping services in the Palm Coast area!

December 13 - 2016

Serafina is truly an asset to our company. Her knowledge of Quickbooks and other aspect of accounting and bookkeeping has proved to be beneficial to helping our company be more profitable and run more smoothly. As a plus, Serafina's positive attitude and cheerful personality is always a joy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Pro Bookkeeping to anyone in need of an accurate and knowledgeable bookkeeper.

Beachcomber South Inc.

George Kastroulis
December 12 - 2016

Serafina and her staff are warm, knowledgeable and show a high level of personal interest. I highly recommend them for any accounting need.

Alicia Hercules
December 10 - 2016

Very professional and knowledgeable. By far, the best bookkeeping services in the Palm Coast area!

Edwin Velazquez
December 01 - 2016

We have found Serafina to be both professional and thorough in regards to her bookkeeping skills. Being bilingual (Italian & English) is another benefit, we have not used her translation services yet but I am sure they would also be professional and accurate.

Torti Ritz
November 25 - 2016

Highly recommended! Very professional! Serafina has always been great at fulfilling all of my translation needs. I plan to continue using her services on a regular basis.

Stephen Lacy
June 12 - 2016

Serafina is an industrious person who pays attention to detail. She is not afraid to ask questions for clarification when needed to ensure the job is done correctly. There is no question that I would wholeheartedly recommend her, not only for bookkeeping work, but for any venture that requires a person who communicates well, has a pleasant personality and is detail oriented - qualities that are difficult to find in one person!

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